Lidre 23

The Artist Collective Lidre 23

The artist collective Lidre 23 is founded by the director Anna Linke and the actress Friederike Drews. The collective is subject to the Manifesto Lidre 23. Among other things it contains the rule of the first time, as a way to extend lifetime,  the idea of gratitude and the greeting of absurdity.

The first work of Lidre 23 FISH in twelfe and a half (Videoperformance, 13:13min, 2014) was created during a common residence at the artist-in-residency Künstlerhaus Lukas in October 2013. The idea was to brake the romantic setting of the sea, to test own limitations and to lead the audience to the border of what is bearable. FISH in twelfe and a half has been selected for international Festivals like AVIFF in Cannes and the back_up Festival in Weimar. It is shown in the media and videoart exhibition vkunst in Frankfurt and in October 2014 in the exhibition WIR SIND PAUL of the interdisciplinary Festival Refuge – on the longing for paradise.

Extract from the Manifesto Lidre 23

§1 Manifest Lidre 23
The content and the development of the work is the first time of the artist.
§ 9 Manifest Lidre 23
The Individual has priority over the collective.

For the complete Manifest, more information and news, please visit our website: and

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